Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This is my cat, Diego. After a little internet investigating, I learned that he can move to Europe with us, whenever this happens, with the help of a pet passport. He'll have to take a picture and everything, just like we do. The idea of drugging him for such a long plane ride has left me with a latent feeling of guilt, even though we don't have the jobs or home yet to even warrant buying tickets anytime very soon. But when I think of my plane ride just a couple of weeks ago, I realize that that's how a lot of people make their way over the ocean, drugged and dazed, with one eye half open and the other closed. And many people helped to compound the effects of their "medications" with the free booze on the plane. So if they can do it, I imagine little Diego can too. Under a seat. In a carrier.

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